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14ct Alloy

Can anyone let me know the composition of the common 14ct gold alloys
used in the USA and Japan Thanks Phil

In the US, alloys contain copper, often zinc, silver, and in white
gold or heat treatable yellows, nickel. The proportions vary by
karat, color, and intended use. Try the October issue of American
Jewelry Mfg magazine. That issue contains an article perfect for your

Dear Phillip,

In the U.S. there are no standards other than the fact that 14 ct.
gold must be .585 pure gold. The alloy constituency is up for grabs
and that is the way it should be…otherwise there would be no
opportunity to vary the color for aesthetic reasons or to vary the
composition for working properties. If you check with any of the
major suppliers you will find that there are endless numbers of
alloys available. Furthermore, you will come to appreciate the fact
that they are inasmuch as it can be a sticky wicket trying to do your
own alloying without causing oxide contamination resulting from
disparate melting temperatures. Ron at Mills Gem, Los Osos,CA ( I-30
at the Tyson Wells Early Show )