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14 White Gold Seam

Anyone have a trick to finding the seam in a 14K white gold ring? I swore that I would never again work in white gold and here I am doing it. Thanks…Rob

I said the same thing several of many years ago. Guess what Rebekkah wanted her wedding rings made of?

Brother D

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Well you’re no help, but thanks…Brother R

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Take a torch to it and the seam will show up.

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As it turns out, I think that it is a machine made ring turned from a solid piece of gold. I can’t find a seam, but thanks for the help…Rob

Can you send me an image of the ring? I can’t seem to find it on Orchid.

Jo…Attached should be a picture. Thanks…Rob

Nope. Not die cut or milled. Cast.May be a bad casting. Likely a nickel alloy. Even with a good casting if quenched after casting or heating nickel white gold becomes extraordinarily brittle. To be annealed it must be heated and air cooled. The exact opposite of red or pink copper gold alloys. I highly recommend that every metalsmith should own James Binnion’s book. [New Book] Jewelry Metals by James Binnion

Having worked a bit with white gold in the past, I said that I never would again. In the case of this ring, the owner has asked me to see if I can just make it flat after cutting it. It was her mother’s wedding ring and she wants me to see if I can make it into a chain bracelet. After annealing and air cooling on a piece of plate steel, it cut and flattened well. I only intend to either solder a ring to each end or just drill a hole to attach the chain elements. I cautioned her that the whole thing might go south and she agreed, so I did too. I really don’t like working in white gold. Thanks for the help…Rob

The ring does appear to be cast. Luckily it stayed in one piece. I ordered James Binnion’s book. Thanks…Rob