1200 F gasket for vacuum casting needed

Hi all. it’s been many years since I was a member here, but now I’m back again! :slight_smile:
A few years ago a jeweler mentioned how he found a gasket material that would work for 1200 F at Indian Jewelers Supply, but as far as I can tell they’re out of business. Can anyone tell me what gasket (ring) can be used to cast a 1200 F flask in a Kaya Cast vacuum casting machine? I am having no luck in finding a flexible material that doesn’t flame up at those temperatures!

Try contacting any of the vacuum casting equipment companies or suppliers of same, as they should have it or know where to get it.


I found some on ebay

The specs say max 450 F sustained, short term 500 F.

Is that good enough for you??

I may have found something that will work at Rio Grande, I’ll post when they’re arrived.