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12,075 'setting-blog' viewers!

Since the early April 2018, I have posted 75 ‘technical’ setting essays! As of today, the total number of viewers has reached 12,075, is this a remarkable number to reach?

For almost a year prior to that date, I was perplexed in figuring just how to collect & write a series of an interesting collection of essays. I tried DropBox, Websites and finally thought of the simplest form of processing & collecting all into one easy to use the site and that is a ‘blog’.

As an “Administrator” to this writing-site, nothing else seemed so easy, and the ‘rest is history’. When I write one essay, I find that I have more topics to write, these topics are so necessary to all levels of Diamond Setting. As a proponent of 'Bright-Cutting", I like to show that graver usage is so important, and it mustn’t be overlooked or even avoided.

Keep reading as each number of ‘visits’, I see that the need is out there and that is to ‘teach & instruct’, no matter the country. Thanking you all!


I saw a post where you invited people to send their email so you could forward your essays. I hope I understood you correctly. If so, Please do forward your essays. Thank you.

My suggestion is that for those who want to read my essays “should” click to my blog address. I’m interested in writing essays, but forwarding emails is too demanding as I know I might get them into my “spam” account!
In only 3 WEEKs, I got 1,150 spams letters!

Maybe your “Orchid, essay request” could be among them as well.;(

Regards to everyone, eh!

Hey Gerry I was looking for a personal diamond setter. I sell jewelry by the wholesale I’m located in Mississauga would you be available

Hi James!

Your offer is something I won’t refuse!

Tell me more about you setting projects!

You can telephone me at: