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1.20 ct E-IF diamond price?

What’s the going price on a 1.20 caret E-IF diamond with GIA


I found two “D” IF stones in one of my current price lists for about
$14,000/ct. (one was slightly more, one slightly less both with GIA
certs). “E” IF should be just slightly less. Ideal cuts will be more
than this. (As a personal aside, why would you invest in a stone of
this high color and clarity if it isn’t ideal cut?)

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
Daniel R. Spirer Jewelers, LLC

Are you asking wholesale or retail? Do you have a diamond dealer?
This type of stone is very rare, they don’t grow on trees, so a
price on a stone like this can vary due to things other than just
clarity and color. Cut plays a big part in price today, do you want
ideal or american brilliant cut? Usually when people ask questions
like this, I mean customers, they have no clue of prices they just
think they want this rare stone.

You can expect to pay at least two or even two and a half times what
an SI1 G of similiar cut and weight will cost at the wholesale
level. If you are serious or they [ a potential client ? ] are
serious write back and i can give you a couple of good dealers to
speak with. D

what shape, what make?

A good place to check is if you don’t have a source. I
really like Elephant Diamonds because they send an updated price list
almost weekly. Remember to take cut into consideration!


What's the going price on a 1.20 caret E-IF diamond with GIA

Shows me I need to update my Rap sheet, as mine is January…
$13,400/carat. Vs1 is $9,200/ct - those are some expensive
pinhead-sized dots. 20 back is likely as best as you’ll get, which
is $10,720/ct.

more than i can afford, pricescope doesn’t even list a price or one
available. try blue nile and see if they have one.


What's the going price on a 1.20 caret E-IF diamond with GIA

I would hazard to guess around $20,000

Please keep in mind that a diamond of that quality should invariably
have a GIA or AGS cert. as well as a VG cut or better. EGL is too lax
as far as I am concerned, with regard to color and cut
classifications. If I wanted a GIA “I” color, I wouldn’t even look at
an EGL cert with H color - it would have to be G or better.

Having said my piece, and assuming your go-to diamond dealer doesn’t
have what you’re looking for - you’ll be looking at spending at least

for that kind of stone. There’s bound to be a middle-man in that
transaction, and he (or she) is going to want a piece of the action.
In addition, going for that kind of diamond as a first purchase is
going to look very suspicious to most dealers. Unless you are a
close friend of the dealer’s family, a member of the JBT with a #1
rating, or have been in business for more than 5 years with good
credit, chances are you will have to wire transfer the full amount
before they will even ship it. They’ll likely give you a refund if
you don’t like the stone, but transfer fees and overnight shipping
both ways is going to cost you over $100 to even look at the diamond.

The “going” or “not so going” price of 27 round stones (1.15 to 1.25
cts) E IF GIA on Polygon ranges from $13440/ct to $18750/ct. Some
ideal cuts were near the low end of the list.

Jim Sweaney, CGA, FGA, GG

Returning to the diamond price thread…

Recently I watched an old 1930 black and white movie. The theme
centered around a jewelry store robbery with William Powell as the
thief [obviously before he became a famous detective]. One ring in
particular was referenced many times. It was a 28 carat diamond
being purchased for a sweet young thing. Also referenced were
prices. The asking price was $50K but after bargaining the final
sale was made at $30K.

Orchid Rules…Karla in Sunny So. California