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$1.00 US coin

Aloha Good People, Here is on for you.the US mint is requesting
designs for a new US $1.00 coin to replace the Susan B.Anthony
coin,same size,with certain restraints in the design
criteria,female on the one side(eagle on the obverse,in god we
trust etc.,etc.).This could be fun!You may need to research the
design specifics,but you could go down in
history(engravers,designers).Contact the U.S.Mint ,Philip
Diehl,Director,for specifics.Also each of the 50 states will
also mint a Quarter($.25) coin,these designs are still
pending.These coins,the Dollar in specific,are to be minted for
the year 2000.Let’s go for it people.History in the making.

Christian Grunewald
Precision Modelmaking